Translation Service

Why Choose Academic Translation?

Our Academic Translation service provides you with a translated manuscript that communicates your research in clear and correct English, allowing you to submit your manuscript with confidence.
We pair you with an experienced academic translator with expertise in your subject area. They fully understand the terminology of your field and will return a high-quality translated manuscript to meet your deadline.

At Academia Editing, we bring you a unique synergy of cutting-edge technology, highly experienced language experts, and multi-layered quality processes for all your academic translation needs, making sure that your research gets all the success it deserves. Whatever your need may be, our team of experts is here to make sure that your paper is not just translated, but also treated in such a way that it retains its quality and essence.

Translation Options

  Simplified Chinese to English
  Spanish to English
  Portuguese to English

Need a different language translated?
We have translators available for Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, and Arabic.
Contact for information and pricing.

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