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Editing And Proofreading

At Academia Editing, our editing and proofreading services polish and perfect your paper with not one, but two thorough checks for grammar, sentence structure, paper structure, and impactful communication of your research.

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Manuscript Formatting

Our Manuscript Formatting service is ideal for busy researchers. We format your manuscript to meet the guidelines of your chosen journal, so you can spend more time doing the research you love.

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Plagiarism Check

Our plagiarism check helps you identify passages in your manuscript that might be flagged by the journal for accidental plagiarism. We thoroughly check your manuscript for such situations by using a software that is widely used in the academic community to check the originality of a document.

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Translation Service

Our Academic Translation service provides you with a translated manuscript that communicates your research in clear and correct English, allowing you to submit your manuscript with confidence.

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Publication Support Service

Accelerate your publication journey with our end-to-end support. Academia Editing has designed publication support services to help you at every step of your publication journey.

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Writing Service

Our qualified professionals will assist you in structuring and formatting great pieces of essays, assignment and dissertation that will not just get you better grades but will be worth reading as well.

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I used the services of Academia Editing for proofreading of a book on a historic topic. The result was excellent and I'm really pleased. The editor not only corrected the spelling and typical ``German`` errors, but also gave few but important hints on some misleading expressions. The whole procedure was easy, affordable and in time. Can highly recommend Academia Editing and will use the service again.

Mark Howard
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5-Star Rated Editing

I had an academic document proofread by the Academia Editing team. They not only corrected numerous grammar and spelling issues, they also advised on certain expressions according to my target audience. And the best, they did so over night… extremely fast, extremely good, and trustworthy service. Will be coming here again for the next publication.

Jan Goepel

I sent my novel in for an edit, and Academia Editors was thorough: finding inconsistencies in the prose, enhancing the wording were two of their services that impressed me.

Matt P