Plagiarism Check

Why Choose Plagiarism Check?

Our plagiarism check helps you identify passages in your manuscript that might be flagged by the journal for accidental plagiarism. We thoroughly check your manuscript for such situations by using a software that is widely used in the academic community to check the originality of a document. Plus, we also go the extra measure and provide a report that highlights the problematic sections of your document, alongside an expert’s comment on how they may individually affect the journal’s evaluation.

  • A thorough plagiarism check with the iThenticate check software
  • Highlighting problematic sections
  • A publication expert’s comments for corrective action

This is ideal for you if you want to…


Avoid plagiarism while referencing

Keeping in mind that you’ve used expressions from previously published papers as a reference


Verify student’s manuscripts

You are a lab head or a research supervisor who needs to check their student’s manuscript



Bulk check for a group or an organisation

Especially when you want to screen the output of your university department, lab, or research group.

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